Steve Kaufer

Advice From The Founder Of The Most Popular Travel Website In The World, TripAdvisor’s Steve Kaufer.

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Plus, The Best Cruise Deals – With & Without Kids, And The Great Debate: Just How Long Before Flight Should You Be At The Airport?

A billion reviews and opinions can’t be wrong! We chat with the founder and longtime CEO of TripAdvisor (and Viator, Cruise Critic, and dozens more companies) on the history of travel search and ratings, what’s right and wrong with online search today, and whether recessionary times will bust the current travel boom. Steve Kaufer offers his insights from the top of the travel industry – and his rare personal tips for travelers. Jessica Deverson sorts the current offers to pull out amazing cruise deals from Virgin Voyages, MSC and Royal Caribbean, that include the kids – or not! (Single “solo” travelers, you are not left out either.) Finally, Mike & James go at it over when is the optimal time to arrive at the airport before your flight. It gets ugly.

All this and more, on the hot new episode of No Tourists Allowed.


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