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Lifting The Hood On Travel Clubs – Where’s The Beef?

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Plus, James In The Hot Seat – Personal Picks For Fav Hotel, Cruise Ship & More. Bucket List Golf in Scotland. And Jessica The Travel Deal Guru Ferrets Out Big Savings On Sandals & More.

It’s an episode of secrets revealed! We lift the hood on travel clubs. How do they work and are they worth it? Then James takes the hot seat and answers the rapid-fire questions we throw at guests. Hear him risk his industry relations by divulging personal favorites for destinations, hotels, cruise lines, ships, travel books/movies & more. Mike reports on his recent Bucket List 2-week Golf trip in Scotland. Jessica The Travel Deal Guru takes us to Haven, the exclusive ship within a ship. Plus, she ferrets out big savings on Sandals, Norwegian Cruise Line & Delta Vacations. All this & more on the newest episode of No Tourists Allowed!


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