Santa Fe Sojourns, Slow Travel, and Savvy Cruise Deals

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Today, we kick things off with an exhilarating announcement – new ways to enter our seven-night Virgin Voyage cruise giveaway! Then, hear about the captivating charm of Santa Fe through James’ recent travels. Discover the cultural importance of food, the allure of Pueblo architecture, and the historical significance of spots like the La Fonda Hotel. Mike delves into the enriching insights botanical gardens offer travelers, emphasizing their window into a region’s heritage.

Venture deeper with us as we champion the mantra, “Stay Longer, Slow Down,” discussing the profound benefits of extended stays. Rediscover the joy of serendipitous discoveries with James’ reminder to let yourself get lost. Cruises, you ask? Well, did you know October is National Plan A Cruise Month? We unpack some irresistible cruise deals for our listeners. From MSC’s alluring offers to Seabourn’s luxury sailings, there’s something for everyone. And if river cruises catch your fancy, Mike’s personal account of his time with AmaWaterways will inspire. Finally, we circle back to that tantalizing Virgin Voyages giveaway, with tips on how you can amplify your chances of sailing away on an epic adventure. Stay tuned, next up – Mike’s travel backpack essentials! Don’t keep these travel treasures to yourself – remember, sharing is caring. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and here’s to authentic explorations!

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James Ferrara:

[0:00] Hey, welcome back to No Tourists Allowed, where not only do we give you the best travel tips, stories, and deals, but we also give you the chance to win a real getaway of your own.

Mike Putman:

[0:14] And today, we’re in the midst of an exhilarating giveaway, a seven-night Virgin Voyage cruise, where you get to luxurate in a stunning sea-terrace cabin with the liberty to choose from all available ships, dates, ports, as long as you set sail before June 2024.

James Ferrara:

[0:34] We’ve been unrolling new raffle entry options every week.

You could score points by signing up for our newsletter, answering last week’s poll about your favorite destination, and today we’re tossing a new exciting challenge into the mix.

Mike Putman:

[0:53] This week’s entry option is the Charma Friendship. Oh, I like that.

Isn’t that nice? All you’ve got to do is refer a friend and bag yourself five points for every mate that successfully signs up for the offer.

James Ferrara:

[1:09] Head over to our website, jump into the raffle form, and you’ll find options to enter a friend’s email or share a special link directly to your social media platforms.

Mike Putman:

[1:22] But there’s a sprinkle of spice here. You’ll only snatch those five points if your buddy successfully signs up for the raffle with a cap at five friends.

So that’s an opportunity to earn 25 extra raffle points.

James Ferrara:

[1:38] Five friends. I don’t know if I have five friends, Mike, but easy peasy, right?

And while you’re sharing this incredible chance with your friends, remind them that they too can amass points through our challenges every week.

All of the challenges, current and past, are available on our website, where your info and points are neatly saved for next week’s entry options.

Mike Putman:

[2:05] Yeah, a shimmering sea of opportunities is stretching out before you, so share the love, grab those points, and who knows, you might just be watching sunsets and listening to our podcast from the deck of a virgin voyage soon.

James Ferrara:

[2:20] Wow, snazzy, Chris. Keep these entries coming, and make sure to tune in to our enchanting travel escapades every week.

Plus, follow up on our social media and YouTube channel—you can see us now, isn’t that amazing?—for some exclusive content and bonus entries.

Links, as always, are waiting in the episode description, which might be down below here or to the side, I’m not sure.

Mike Putman:

[2:50] Yeah, and what you want to do is set those cells and let’s navigate through another captivating episode right here on No Tours Tollowed.

Now let’s jump into today’s episode.

Good day, everyone. I’m Mike Putnam.

James Ferrara:

[3:07] I’m James Ferraro. Isn’t it nice that we got to see our executive producer there, Mike?

Mike Putman:

[3:14] I know. Nathaniel does a great job for us week in, week out, and we’re delighted to have him shine in the spotlight.

James Ferrara:

[3:24] Yeah, it does do a great job. Well, welcome, everybody, no tourists allowed.

Last episode, I was actually in Santa Fe, and we tried to affect a little view for you, but I think I lost Wi-Fi, the desert’s like that.

And I was in the middle of a big event, so I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with everyone.

But Mike, there are a couple of specific things I would like to share about Santa Fe.

You know, on this podcast, we talk both generally about how to travel better and have a more authentic experience, but also we try to get real specific.

So we go to a specific destination in the world and then share some recommendations for great food or great experience, right?

And I do have some specifics for Santa Fe.

Mike Putman:

[4:19] If you’d like to hear mine, let’s hear about them.

OK, well, wait, while you’re while you are out enjoying yourself.

I made the terrible mistake last week of taking the covid vaccine and the flu shot at once.

And and it put me on my ass for about a day and a half.

So I’m still a proponent of getting the new COVID vaccine, but I would not suggest mixing it with the flu shot. It wasn’t good for me, at least.

James Ferrara:

[4:50] I did it the week before I went away and had the same experience.

So Santa Fe made it all better though. Incredible destination.

I mean, those of you who haven’t been there, Santa Fe, New Mexico, up in the mountains, I think seven or 8,000 feet above sea level, this incredible town of Pueblo architecture.

[5:18] In fact, there are laws in Santa Fe that the buildings have to be made of that stucco-like Pueblo finish, and they can only be up to two stories tall, and they have these beautiful carved wood elements.

And so the whole town looks like that. And it’s centered around a historic square, the plaza.

And there are Native American jewelry shops and high-end stores and art galleries everywhere.

[5:58] And so it’s not hard to follow one of our tenants here at Notorious Alad which is to seek out the local culture. I mean, it is in your face in Santa Fe and beautiful and a riot of colors.

But the other thing that Santa Fe is known for is the food.

Mark Miller’s Coyote Cafe, Mark Miller’s one of the early celebrity chefs in the United States.

His Coyote Cafe is there for, I don’t know, at least 30 years, and just one of many restaurants.

In fact, in our event, we did a dine around one night, and we had a table secured at each of like 20 restaurants around town.

So we had a table of 10 hosted by one of our company executives or one of our travel brand partners at each of 20 restaurants all on the same night, all around Santa Fe. That was pretty cool.

Mike Putman:

[6:57] Yeah.

James Ferrara:

[6:58] Yeah. And the one that I was lucky enough to have my table at was the restaurant in a famous hotel called La Fonda, right on the plaza in Santa Fe.

And it is a 100-year-old property built in 1922.

And you may know of the Harvey Company.

Some of you may remember the Harvey Girls. There was actually a musical movie made with Judy Garland about the Harvey Company and the girls.

[7:39] Were Harvey partnered with the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad to have restaurants and hotels along the railroad throughout the Southwest.

The Harvey Company was the precursor to, you know, what later we had Howard Johnson’s, right, on all the roads. Some of you might be old enough to remember that or more recently Burger King and McDonald’s.

The Harvey restaurants were the first chain restaurants in the United States and Harvey sort of created that idea but took it even further because he built hotels right along the railroads throughout the southwest to give people someplace to go to use the railroad, right?

So it was a great partnership with the railroad and he hired couple of famous architects and designers and built these hotels in these.

[8:41] Pueblo Revival style, and every hotel had what they called then an Indian room.

A display of Native American handicrafts, pottery, they even had live Native Americans doing artisan work, and it actually, you know, it’s a little opportunistic, it’s a little colonial colonizing, I get that.

But also it wound up creating a great appreciation for Native American culture.

It created what we call today the Southwest style or Santa Fe style of decorating.

It popularized it tremendously.

It’s still popular today, 100 years later. and it actually helped preserve a lot of antique ceramics and handicrafts.

So there was a good side of it too. Anyway, we’re in the La Fonda Hotel, which was one of the original Harvey hotels, and still beautiful like that in that style.

[9:48] And at our dinner there, we were visited by the hotel historian who actually told a lot of the story I’m just telling you, and even more, very interesting history over 100 years.

And before the La Fonda Hotel, there had been other hotels, and before that, coach stops on this site of the La Fonda, going back to about 1610.

[10:18] So it is considered the oldest hotel site in the United States.

Very cool, right? So it’s amazing what you can find even through food.

So as a strategy, when we talk about our manifesto about no tourists allowed, food is such an important strategy. It can take you to people and history and culture.

[10:46] And another strategy I’ll share with you from my trip, Mike, is that we took over the botanical gardens one day.

And we closed it down for a luncheon for our 150 guests under tents out in the botanical gardens.

Now you think, you know, you’re in Santa Fe, which is like the high desert, and there’s a botanical garden, but it’s actually quite beautiful.

And I’ve been to a botanical garden in, Tucson, the Desert Gardens outside Las Vegas.

There are gardens all over the world, though you might think of some, too.

The Tuileries in Paris, very formal. Or Tivoli Gardens, which is like an amusement park, almost in Copenhagen.

The beautiful Victoria Gardens in British Columbia.

So there are Alkyu Gardens outside of London, if any of you have ever been been there. It’s the Kew Palace and Gardens. Beautiful botanical garden, spectacular, really, just outside of London.

So my strategy I’m going to suggest to you is to use, to visit a botanical garden as a way into the regional culture.

[12:09] In Kew, you’re going to see the palace and the history of George III and all that.

In Santa Fe, we got to see not only how beautiful the desert can be and how varied the plants can be, but there was really cool architecture there.

And then it ended with a performance by an indigenous dance troupe doing traditional Native American hoop dances, where they use hoops that look kind of like hula hoops, and one dancer gets up to maybe six or seven of these hoops, manipulating them into shapes, animals, and babies in a basket, and big butterflies, and it’s like incredible, these young women dancing to a drummer and…

So the whole thing kind of came together for me. I’ve talked before about perfect moment.

My perfect moment was watching the hoop dance in the botanical gardens at Santa Fe.

And I want you guys to think about and to visit botanical gardens wherever you go as a way into the regional culture.

Mike Putman:

[13:28] That’s a great idea. Yeah. Actually, you may not even know this, but I studied horticulture in college, and so I very often go to gardens when I’m traveling.

It’s a great way to get to know the place that you’re going to and understand more.

There’s always these sub-stories that come off the plants or stories around it.

This is the oldest tree, or this was some plant that had had a lot to do with the culture or the income of people, so.

James Ferrara:

[14:03] Sure. Yeah.

Mike Putman:

[14:04] Yeah.

James Ferrara:

[14:05] It becomes some kind of industry, right? Even winemaking, of course, is a great example.

So anyway, I thought that was something that maybe doesn’t get talked about a lot. Yeah.

Mike Putman:

[14:19] Yeah. And I think it’s, you know, the more you can do locally, again, off the beaten track, the better off.

I think the more fun you’re going to have, the more experience, the greater the experience you’re going to have, the deeper experience you’re going to have as well.

James Ferrara:

[14:33] So speaking of our manifesto, Mike, we left off last time. The next one actually is the point you’re just making, and I know you’ll have some thoughts about this.

It’s number five on our manifesto, and it is is use local transportation.

Now, why would you want to do that, Mike? Have you ever done that?

Mike Putman:

[14:55] That’s almost all I do. So sometimes when I travel and I’m on extended trips, I try to use public transport exclusively, especially when you’re in a great city like London that has all types of public transport.

But yeah, for a lot of reasons, for me, You know, one is, it does, it is the most efficient way to travel in terms of.

[15:28] It’s less, it’s more carbon neutral, I guess is the right way of saying it, and then other types of travel.

It’s also, if you’re in a city that has a sophisticated public transportation system, It’s typically as convenient or as close to convenient as getting a cab or an Uber.

[15:51] And it’s also can be less expensive. But the great thing is you get to see a side of the city that the locals see, right?

So it’s going on the tube in London or the subway in Paris. That’s how people transport.

That’s how people move about every day. don’t get in their cars and drive to work, in general.

And so you really get to see the other side of it. And along with that, I mean, This is going to seem strange, but I love reading the advertisements, either in the tubes or subways or on the subway walls or in the double-decker buses or whatever, because then you really get a sense too of the products that people are using.

Oftentimes you’ll find out about something that’s not available in the US.

I mean, the US does not have everything, right?

So there are some interesting product finds that you’ll find.

Even some talk about some local restaurants or things to do locally.

But I’m a big proponent in public transport and try to use it exclusively where I can.

James Ferrara:

[16:58] Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more. I think, you know, you see more, right?

And the place is more kind of up close and personal that way than taking a flight from one city to the next city, or traveling in a touristic motor coach.

You’re there and you meet more people. Going back to some of our other points, it’s a great way to meet people, to hear the language, to run into kids, just the whole full experience of the culture.

Mike Putman:

[17:39] And traveling like a local. I mean, a lot of people, I’ve got some friends over right now, as a matter of fact, that went over to London.

And they said, well, I said, well, how are you going to get from Heathrow to the city?

And they’ve never been. I said, oh, we’ll just get a cab. We’ll get an Uber.

Well, first of all, a cab to central London, a regular cab is going to be about $90. An Uber might be, I don’t know, $60, I guess is probably what they’re charging now.

Or you could get on the tube, which actually goes right into the airport and it costs you $5, dollars right or you could take the Heathrow Express which is a little nicer train and certainly a more direct train and you could be there actually into the city center.

Quicker than you could be in a car, number one, and it’s a much more enjoyable experience.

And it’s, I think, about 18 pounds, so about $24, $25 to do that.

And look, this is just the way locals, you don’t see locals taking cars in general to the Heathrow Airport, right? They’re all taking trains or they’re taking buses.

James Ferrara:

[18:50] And Local transportation is often, you know a little more Colorful to when when I was in Central America, you know We to go from one place to another through the it’s kind of far through the mountains We got on one of these local buses that was you know Jam-packed sort of overflowing with people there were guys sitting on the roof of the bus The bus was decorated.

So there were like pom-poms hanging and was playing local music There might have been a few chickens and goats on the bus with us, you know, and it was like one of those great Experiences I wouldn’t have gotten that if I took an uber, you know, yeah exactly Travel you know travel like a local that’s uh, that is a definitely a big a big one So another one on our list, and you know these all kind of flow from one to the other, so it is a little related.

This is number six, and it’s called Stay Longer, Slow Down.

[19:57] Now to your point that you just made, this is also better for the planet.

Rather than going a day here, two days there, whatever, to minimize the amount of big travel like airplanes and so on, this is better for the planet to have longer stays.

But of course, longer stays and slowing down means that you’re going to see more, you’re going to learn more, you’re going to really take it in, right?

Is this a way you like to travel?

Mike Putman:

[20:30] Yeah, yeah, I do, as I have time. I mean, you know, while we’re still working, oftentimes we can’t go somewhere for two weeks or an extended period.

But, you know, I have over Christmas break, the last two years, I’ve taken my family to Europe and we have really, really slowed down and have spent 10, I think 10 days one time and 14 days the other maybe.

And really, you get this sense of relaxation that you don’t go, I mean, even if you’re hopping from city to city, it’s not just being away from home, but it’s kind of settling into a culture, settling into a way of life, you know, settling in to, you know, where that bus, where the bus picks up or, you know, where the tube picks up or, you know, of a place right around the corner, you can go get a nice cup of coffee or a newspaper, Those type of things.

And settling in for a bit does, it makes my heart rate go down the longer I stay in a destination, for sure.

James Ferrara:

[21:38] Yeah. And I hear of people who get someplace, get up early the next morning to make the motor coach, to take the group tour.

To do and and Nowadays the way I travel is I there’s a place in Paris that I like to go and sit at a sidewalk table and have my coffee and a croissant and Maybe spend an hour or two Just watching the world go by and and that’s what the Parisians do.

There’s another place in Naples and Italy that I do the same thing.

[22:25] We were talking about Barcelona earlier today, right, Mike?

Yeah. And one of the reasons why Barcelona is so popular is because it’s a big cruise port. If you’re going to cruise the Mediterranean, a lot of those cruises leave from Barcelona.

So I know people who have flown into Barcelona, and they arrive either the morning of the cruise or sometimes the day before, but they hit the hotel, they wake up the next morning, and they’re off to the cruise port.

Now, could you imagine Barcelona, one of the great cities of the world, and they didn’t take the time to walk down the Ramblas and do like a crawl for tapas. Tapas crawl, yeah.

Mike Putman:

[23:13] Yeah, absolutely.

[23:16] Yeah, there was so much to see in Barcelona. And, uh, you know, look, but, but there’s some people who have the luxury of time and other people who don’t.

So there’s certainly nothing wrong if you want to go get on a escorted tour, uh, if you’ve never been to Europe and you won’t, and you may not ever go back and you want to see the city highlights and spending, you know, two days in London, two days in Paris, two days in Munich, wherever, wherever, right.

There’s nothing wrong with that. And there’s nothing wrong with being on a cruise, visiting a lot of different places.

But if your time does allow it, people talk about being time poor or time rich.

If you are rich, meaning you’ve got the availability to do so, try extending your vacation in these destinations because your airfare is generally a large portion of what it’s going to cost for your total vacation.

And that airfare is going to be the same whether you stay two days two days or whether you stay 20 days.

So try to extend a little bit, get a little more value out of the flight, especially if you’re traveling a long distance, you need a day to recover for the time change.

And just kind of more to live like a local.

[24:34] There’s plenty of tourist things you can do, museums, et cetera.

And for a big city like Paris or London that we’ve made examples of.

You could say 20 days and not see everything.

There’s so much to do in these places.

James Ferrara:

[24:49] Yeah. And from season one, I’ll bring back one of my favorite tips.

It sort of falls under this category.

If you have the time, if you can make the time to slow down a little bit, another great strategy is to get lost, right?

And then just kind of find your way.

And serendipity will bless you in most cases. I mean, we want you to be safe, okay?

But you will happen upon things that you didn’t look up in a guidebook and you really didn’t prepare for.

They’re just kind of there and they will delight you, you know?

So let it happen, sort of set the groundwork to let it happen by not being rigid about your schedule at some point. You know, make some time to just go and wander around and get lost a little bit.

Mike Putman:

[25:47] Yeah, absolutely. Hey James, we’ve got some special travel deals we want to talk about this week. Jessica Dee is not with us.

She is out this week, but she was kind enough to do the research for us and provide the deals to our listeners.

So really excited about being able to offer some of these great deals for you.

And why don’t I just kick it off with our first deal.

Which is on MSC.

James Ferrara:

[26:21] Well, Mike, before you jump in there, though, one thing that Jessica was kind enough to point out for us is that October is National Plan A Cruise Month.

So it’s a great time for travelers to book a cruise. There are incredible offers around to celebrate this program.

A lot of them have value-added amenities, extras that you get, and all kinds of benefits. So I think it’s with that in mind that she gave you your first cruise there.

Mike Putman:

[26:57] Yeah, and I missed that, so thank you for catching that for us.

Yeah, so MSC is one of our featured cruise lines this week. Great global cruise line.

Lots of new product, lots of new hardware on the seas, and they’ve got a great deal right now. And again, now is the time to buy.

For those of you who don’t know a lot about cruises, kind of at the end of Christmas through March is what’s called the wave season.

And that’s when about 70% of the inventory is booked. So consumers end up booking during those three months, about 70% of the inventory.

And as a result, prices tend to go a little bit higher.

They do offer some specials during that time, but if you’ve got an idea that you’re thinking about taking a cruise next year, now is the time to buy, because there’s not as many bookings going on and therefore they’re offering special deals, just like MSC is offering right now.

[28:04] So MSC is offering a special deal on all their cruises, which includes free drinks and Wi-Fi and a $200 on-board credit, right?

So they’ve got cruises, you know, to go to the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, New England, you know, to see the fall foliage, Europe and many other places.

So don’t miss the opportunity to book now for next summer, could be this fall, could be next fall, even a winter vacation somewhere warm, but this is a special limited time offer and it is a hell of a deal.

James Ferrara:

[28:42] Yeah, or Mike, maybe you want to go a different direction with luxury small ships like Seabourn.

They’ve got their set sail voyage event, and you can enjoy up to $1,500 US dollars in air credit per guest.

So it’s basically like free air and a reduced 10% deposit on select 2024 and 2025 sailings.

So this is a really incredible way to cruise the yachts of Seabourn.

These are sort of large scale sort of mega yachts and really six star luxury cruising.

And you’re basically getting free airfare and some very exotic destinations around the world.

And you get to put down that low, low deposit, 10%. Yeah.

Mike Putman:

[29:40] So even if you’re not even sure you’re gonna take a trip, why not fork over the 10% deposit now, and you’re basically getting a free option because you’ll be able to get that deposit back if you decide, you know.

James Ferrara:

[29:54] That’s right.

Mike Putman:

[29:55] Four or five months from now that you don’t wanna use it. The last special we want to talk about is Amel Waterways.

This is one of my favorite. We had them on the pod last season, and I was lucky enough to take a cruise over Christmas with my family, a Christmas market cruise. And I got to tell you, that’s my first river cruise.

And I’ve taken, I think it’s 62 or 63 cruises before that. So I’ve been doing, I’ve been taking a lot of cruises for a long time.

This is one of the most spectacular, most well thought through, polished cruises I’ve ever been on.

And I went on the Emma Magna, which is their…

[30:38] Largest ship. I think it’s the largest river ship in existence, as a matter of fact.

But beautiful ship, beautiful hardware, but the service was what topped it all off.

People know your name, the staff on the ship learn your name, they call you by name, so you have that kind of intimate feeling even though it is a larger river ship, which a river ship of course is much smaller than these Seagull vessels.

But for a limited time, AMA is offering a 20% discount on select 2023, so for the rest of the year, and 2024 Europe and Mekong River cruises.

So you can experience the wonders of France, Hungary, Netherlands, Vietnam, Cambodia, and beyond. Not on the same cruise, of course, those will be separate.

[31:24] Take advantage of the 20% discount when you reserve your 2023 or 2024 Europe or Mekong River cruises by December 31st of this year.

So, if you’re a past guest like myself, you’ll enjoy their loyalty savings on all departures with the 20% cruise savings, plus on selected sailings for 2023 and 2024.

Guests may also benefit from special rates on flights reserved through Ammo Waterways. So again.

These guys, their product is so strong, they don’t have to discount very often.

So when you see an AMA discount, I would jump on it.

Especially if you’ve never been on one of these ships, guaranteed it’ll blow your socks off. One of the great deals out there.

James Ferrara:

[32:13] And the owners are lovely people and that kind of filters down through the whole staff, I think. this is a cruise line with very personal, warm service, so. Absolutely.

Mike Putman:

[32:27] I got to tell you, for our listeners, I’ll just give you one point of reference to that. So when we went over in Christmas, we got over early and you’re not able to get on the ship until 3 p.m.

Because they’re cleaning up for the people who just got off, which is very typical And we happened to get there early and it’s, we were in Germany actually, and it was pretty cold outside.

So I just happened to walk up to the gangway and said, you know, would it be okay if I came on board? And they said, absolutely. Come on board. Walk in.

The purser’s desk is right there. They welcomed me. And this was like at 11 a.m. Now you try doing that on another cruise line and there’s no way.

And they said, we’re sorry, but your room’s not ready. And I said, oh, I know, I know. room’s not ready and I said oh I know I know I wasn’t expecting it to be ready till five o’clock and they said but look we’ve got a beautiful lunch set up for you my this attendant will walk you down and show you the lunchroom and we sat down and had this beautiful magnificent lunch shortly after that we’re walking around the ship and somebody taps me on the shoulder and they say mr.

Putman which I don’t know how this guy knew my name but your suite is ready and so low Lo and behold, at one o’clock, we were in our room when we weren’t even supposed to be on board until three o’clock. But that’s the type of personalized.

Service and attention that you get on AMA. Excellent.

James Ferrara:

[33:54] Excellent. Well, Mike, I want to remind everyone something we told them again at the beginning of today’s episode, which is we’re giving away a cruise.

Oh, my goodness. We’re giving away a seven-day, not just any cruise, Virgin Voyages cruise.

So a very swanky adults-only cruise experience for two, and we’re going to be drawing that after the next couple of weeks.

We’re giving everyone a chance every week to win more and more chances to be drawn, and they do that by following some of our instructions, like signing up for our newsletter on the website or this week it’s referring a friend on our website or sharing our podcast with someone so lots of different ways you can get entries and we’ll be drawing sometime towards the holidays we’ll be drawing for this free seven-day cruise for two people.

Mike Putman:

[35:02] Two people and all you got to do is pick out where you want to go and when you want to go. It’s taken care of of.

Next week I’m really excited because now we have video so for those of you who may have subscribed to us on Apple or Spotify or what-have-you if you choose to listen that way that’s fantastic but if you would like to see then you can go to our YouTube channel which is no tourists allowed and or you can go to the website there’s links from the website there as well and you can actually watch the video.

Next week, I’m gonna spend a little bit of time talking about my magical travel backpack for all you travel nerds out there.

So, you know, as you travel and you try, or when I travel, I try to get things that make me feel comfortable.

So I keep all of my things in this very backpack here, which I keep behind my desk.

And I’m going to kind of walk our listeners and watchers, viewers, I should say through that backpack to show you what things I always keep packed in there that helped make my travel experience much smoother.

And, uh, it’s not a big backpack, but she would not believe all the stuff I got in there.

Uh, I can vanish for probably 45 days and I’d take that backpack and a couple pair of underwear and I’d be good.

James Ferrara:

[36:31] All right, sounds sounds like a fascinating episode Well, look, do you know you guys listeners Are good listeners. Do you know anyone who?

Likes to travel The way we’re describing or who needs to learn how to travel the way we’re describing if you do Please tell them about the podcast and go to the website and put them in the referral system and you get another chance or five chances in the drawing for a free cruise.

Plus then they can enter for a free cruise too. So do your friends and family a favor and turn them on to no tourists allowed.

Mike Putman:

[37:14] I think my strategy might be I’m gonna invite five friends and tell them that if you do sign up and you do win, because I invited you, you got to take me on the That increases your chances sixfold, I believe, if I did that math right.

James Ferrara:

[37:33] Very strategic. Well, everyone, that’s what we have for you today.

Really, thank you for being with us.

And thank you for wanting to travel better in a more authentic way to create more memories, really learn about places and immerse yourself in places.

This is a good thing you’re chasing, and we thank you for being here with us.

Mike Putman:

[38:00] Yeah, thanks for listening to No Tours Allowed, and we’ll see you next week.

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