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Secrets of the Caribbean & Mexico – with Rene Jongmans, president of Vacation Express. Plus How Everything Just Changed for European Vacations. New! Jessica the Travel Deal Expert.

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Rene Jongmans, president of leading leisure company, Vacation Express, and a former Saint-Martinois, reveals the new resorts and best places to stay and eat in the Caribbean and Mexico. Mike and James dig for gold with Rene’s favorite spots and hidden gems – while he preaches patience and preparation for the Summer travel season. Another new voice, travel marketing expert Jessica Deverson, brings her research and sharp eye on the best deals and values in the market this week despite inflation (and will be back regularly in coming episodes). Plus, how Americans traveling to Europe and the UK now can enjoy the lowest costs in 20 years. Inspired by the actor and monologist Spalding Gray, this week’s tip for more meaningful travel has to do with a quest for “the perfect moment” on every trip. Listen in and find out more.

Hosted by Mike Putman and James Ferrara.


Produced by The Greenville Podcast Company.

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