The Naked Truth On Airlines, Hotels & Biz Travel – from travel legend Chris Dane. Plus, the ‘Costas’ of Spain, the $5,000 cocktail and more!

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Chris Dane – former airline and hotel exec with too many titles to mention – guides us through an analysis of airline fares, hotel rates and the return of business travel – then where it’s all going in the next year. Along the way Chris let’s slip some secrets from a most frequent traveler. Plus, we look at the data and revisit the famous coastal resorts of Spain which are seeing strong bookings again right now (Bonus: a great book recommendation!). And we rifle through some headlines from the travel boom, including the $5,000 Star Wars cocktail onboard the new Disney Wish. Cheers!

Hosted by Mike Putman and James Ferrara.


Produced by The Greenville Podcast Company.

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